C-GRC offers an integrated collection of capabilities that empower your organisation to consistently accomplish goals, address ambiguity, and act with integrity. Its cohesive suite of user-friendly audit, risk, and compliance solutions simplifies controls management, SOX compliance, risk management, internal audit, and workflow management.

  • Strategy Alignment - Align IT strategy across the company and eliminate silos operating independently. You can accomplish goals while streamlining risk profile and protecting value, as well as minimise online threats, detect fraud, and catch errors.
  • Compliance - Ensure staff and company compliance to governmental regulations, such as SOX, export and customs laws, data privacy laws, hazardous materials requirements, and more.
  • Visibility - Gain complete visibility into all your audit, risk, and compliance programs with the industry‚Äôs most intuitive platform.It also offers features such as automated evidence requests and customisable workflow intended to simplify testing and evaluation.
  • Remote Cooperation - Cooperate digitally with your employees and stakeholders to streamline document assortment, issue remediation, and reportage.
  • Enterprise Risk Management- Precisely identify, evaluate, and monitor business risks with exceptional agility. From identification and evaluation to monitoring and documentation, to action planning and remediation, C-GRC has got you covered.

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